Offered Services

Investment Management and Strategies

  • Offer open architecture of fee and commission platforms, depending on your individual needs
  • Provide financial education as you move through different hurdles in life
  • Prepare, monitor and actively manage your portfolio based on your goals and expectations

Retirement Income

  • Create different sources of income, so that there is flexibility depending on your life expectancy, living expenses, rate of return on your investments and inflation
  • Partner with you to determine how much you can safely withdraw from your investments, without running the risk of outliving your cash

Tax Free Income

  • Develop strategies to reduce or eliminate your tax bill through tax-efficient investments
  • Establish an appropriate mix of tax-advantaged accounts, as they will provide choices and options later
  • Define possible income streams and sources that are tax-free

Financial Planning

  • Develop a financial roadmap, which will equip you to make smart choices with your money
  • Assess all areas of your finances; including employer retirement accounts, college savings, estate planning, Social Security benefits and insurance needs.
  • Incorporate your goals and needs into a concise implementation plan

Business Benefit Solutions

  • Provide solutions that help to retain and attract employees
  • Partner with the employer to save them and their employees’ money
  • Design benefits that address the needs of the employer and the employees

College Planning

  • Evaluate the different funding options that are available e.g. Custodian Accounts, Cloverdell Education Savings Accounts
  • Develop ways to leave a legacy